Starting With A Vision

The beginning of this past year I Started an inspirational Journal.



I decided it would only be filled with positive quotes, comforting photos, and hopeful thoughts, basically encouragement for myself. I knew it might get hard this year but I didn’t realize how helpful this tool would be, I would definitely say that this little book saved me from myself and kept me along the path I wanted to be on, because when life happens its SO easy to loose yourself right!?! *awkward coughing*

My heart needed a home that it could go to when exhaustion overwhelmed that wouldn’t change with the next move or the one after that.


I’ve been surrounded by the unfamiliar for almost 5 years now, and I LOVE it when I don’t hate it, which is only like 30% of the time so I’m happy, but when your world is constantly changing and you’re always adapting its easy to forget yourself. I wound up living aimlessly for awhile and while sometimes its good just to take things day by day, thats no way to LIVE your life. I think most people who step out of their comfort zones in whatever way wind up growing more as a person and we as humans have an endless capacity for many things but I’ve noticed ourselves are not one of those things. We quickly outgrow old ways of thinking we adapt and change as our perspective does. So having a way to ground yourself is essential for living a balanced and emotionally healthy life.

I plan on sharing a bunch of healthy/raw/gluten-free/vegan dishes and hopefully some encouragement and inspiration and who knows what else in the future. I’d really like to start off with a page from my journal though.

-My Vision-

A home to come back to, Life on the road

Fighting for a better world, being a better me through every experience

Sharing love and lessons learned, Saving something beautiful

Eating and consuming only products from the Earth and real people

Dancing in the rain and howling at the moon, A LOT

Allowing myself to feel every moment, and giving thanks for it

Seeking a better reality but never trying to escape

Knowing and loving my body and mind, never setting limitations

 but always accepting

Before we moved to Germany we lived in Washington state, and if you get the chance, I highly recommend visiting the Redwoods on the West Coast. Looking up at those monuments of nature my heart soared as my ego fell to the earth, humbled nothings ever put things into perspective like those forests did and I’ve been through some shit. To the point, those trees grow tall, but their roots, their foundation is just as expansive. We don’t all have the best childhood, supportive friends or an super cool Aunt who can tell you a fable or quote you words of wisdom no matter what the situation, but you can do more for yourself by looking inwards for a few moments a day than everyone you’ve ever met can do for you in a lifetime.


Where is your comfort zone where your spirit sinks into a lull and comes back refreshed? Is there a place thats beauty has moved you more than you thought possible? I’d love to hear your experiences!